China Heavyweight

A documentary on rural teenagers in southwestern China who are recruited as their country's next Olympic hopefuls, with a focus on the coach Qi Moxiang.

Frisson des Collines

Summer of ‘69. The whole world is changing after a year of mass revolution and 12-year-old Frisson wants to experience everything it has to offer. 

Rick Mercer Report

On the Rick Mercer Report, Canada's funniest man checks the pulse of the nation as he looks at the news and current affairs of the week with his unique brand of parody and satire.

Funding Model

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) delivers financial support to the Canadian television and digital media industries through two streams of funding.

The Experimental Stream encourages the creation of leading-edge, interactive, digital media content and software applications.

The Convergent Stream supports the creation of innovative, convergent television and digital media content for consumption by Canadians anytime, anywhere.

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