Camp Lakebottom

A half-hour, animated comedy about 12-year old mastermind and ultra rich kid McGee, who longed for real thrills and real friends from his 154th floor penthouse.

En direct de l'univers

Which song reminds them of their childhood, their teens and their first love? Which one makes them laugh, cry or get up and dance?


TasteBudsTV.com is a vibrant and engaging website that brings the feel and flavour of the popular Taste Buds TV series to computers across the globe.

Industry Partnerships


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has partnered with industry leaders to present 35 specialized events throughout Canada and internationally in 2011-2012.  These partnerships are valuable opportunities for the CMF to gauge the current state of the industry, to inspire new ideas and to foster industry innovation that can continue to move our industry forward.

Whether it's collaboration among local stakeholders or efforts to bring together diverse groups of professionals, we recognize the importance of partnerships for leveraging resources, building knowledge, strengthening relationships, and achieving meaningful objectives.

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