Les Invincibles

Two years have passed since the last rally of our four superheroes. Steve, P-A, Rémi and Carlos are living happy and carefree with their respective girlfriends.

I learn With

Available on tablets, AppyWorld is an assortment of edutainment applications for children ages 3 to 6, which serve to develop their creativity and to support discovery and enlightenment.

That's So Weird

That’s So Weird! continues to provide a weekly slice of the outrageous and bizarre programs generated by the fictional So Weird TV network, where the programming is even weirder than the name.

Message from the President and CEO

Valerie CreightonThanks to its funding contributors, the Government of Canada and Canadian cable and satellite distributors, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) achieved unprecedented funding levels that enabled us to build on the previous year’s successes and to continue to provide valuable and measurable support to Canada’s television and digital media industry. Indeed, the overall program budget dedicated to the creation of Canadian screen-based media in 2011-2012 was increased to $371 million, which in turn triggered more than $1.3 billion in production volume.

Through its Convergent Stream, which supports the creation of television and digital media content for consumption by Canadians anytime, anywhere, the CMF championed the production of 504 television programs in the genres of drama, documentary, children and youth, and variety and performing arts. These were complemented by 177 associated digital media projects, including games, interactive web content, webisodes and a range of mobile applications, allowing for additional audience engagement with supported content. Projects emanated from all regions of the country, in a cross-section of languages spoken by Canadians, namely English, French and Aboriginal languages, as well as Italian, Mandarin, Punjabi and Spanish.

Through its Experimental Stream, which encourages the creation of innovative, interactive digital media content and software applications, the CMF provided almost $33 million in funding to 90 projects at the development, production and marketing stages, triggering over $50 million in industry activity. Applications originated from every region in Canada and included original content for the web, games for online use and interactive consoles, and software and mobile applications that continue to set new standards for the industry. In collaboration with digital media industry stakeholders, we continued to improve and refine the Experimental Stream by proposing the creation of distinct recoupment models for “live exploitation” products versus “finished” products, in order to better align with industry practices. These new models will be implemented in 2012-2013.

To ensure that the CMF’s funding policies remain aligned with emerging trends and developments, in Canada and internationally, the CMF contributed to new market intelligence, both through the work of our Industry and Market Trends department and through partnerships with industry organisations. We supported the development and subsequent publication of a ground-breaking set of economic indicators that capture interactive digital media production activity in Canada, including its contribution to the GDP and its role in generating full-time jobs, which were included in Profile 2011, published by the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) and the Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec (APFTQ). We also supported the CMPA to publish Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry, an important report that examines how the “videofication” of the Internet is generating increased demand for professionally produced original content that is specifically made for an online audience. Other studies were also commissioned, and will be published in 2012-2013.

To continue developing our relationships with stakeholders and with all our audiences, we increased our online presence through social media and with the creation of Trendscape, a new blog devoted to industry trends. We also completely revamped the CMF website to provide quick and easy access to all the information on the CMF and its programs, along with improved navigation and new features.

To further the exchange of ideas, the CMF significantly increased its strategic partnerships, supporting 35 television and digital media conferences and markets in ten cities across Canada. Each event is a renewed opportunity for us to meet with stakeholders and to learn from each other.

On another front, the CMF continued its collaboration with Telefilm to increase the visibility and recognition of our successful content domestically and in international markets. Some highlights of this plan were made public in early 2012, however this project will continue to progress in the year to come.

Also on the global front, the CMF capped off the year by showcasing digital media projects before an international audience in Cannes at MIPCube, an industry event that brought together leaders from the television and digital media community that are shaping the content industry. The showcase was very well received by delegates and journalists alike and positioned the CMF as a driving force behind digital media production. We expect the positive coverage of the event will greatly build upon Canada’s reputation as a world leader in digital media production and a reference for leading-edge digital content. As one journalist stated: “The future is Canadian”. At the CMF, we truly believe that to be the case and we are proud to play an active role in shaping Canada’s digital future.

Valerie Creighton
President and CEO

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